Rambus demonstrates CXL platform development kit at SC23

This week at SC23, Rambus will demonstrate a CXL platform development kit (PDK) that enables module and system makers to prototype and test CXL-based memory expansion and pooling solutions for AI infrastructure and other advanced systems. The demonstration will show CXL memory tiering functionality in a production server running industry-standard benchmarking software.

The Rambus CXL PDK is interoperable with CXL 1.1 and CXL 2.0 capable processors and memory from all the major memory suppliers. It leverages available hardware to accelerate the development of the full stack of next-generation CXL-based solutions (device, module, system and software).

The Rambus CXL PDK includes:

  • CXL hardware platform (add-in card), featuring Rambus CXL memory controller chip prototype
  • Advanced debug and visualization tools
  • CXL-compliant management framework and utilities
  • Fully customizable SDK for value-added features and vendor-specific commands