Rohinni doubles mini LED placement speed with New 100 Hz placement technology

Rohinni, a developer of enabling technology for design and production of mini LED- and micro LED-based products, announced that it has achieved the fastest proven mini LED placement speed at 100 Hz with its new bondhead. The new bondhead effectively doubles placement speed and cuts in half the cost of placing mini LEDs compared to Rohinni’s first generation of placement technology. The technology will be deployed in the first part of 2021. 

In 2021, we will start to see mainstream adoption of premium products using mini LEDs in TV, video wall and consumer electronics applications like tablets and notebooks,” said Matt Gerber, CEO of Rohinni. “Our new bondhead technology is driving this market by enabling true high volume manufacturing at a lower cost. This translates into less expensive devices for consumers, which will drive adoption and spur manufacturers to start implementing new designs for the coming wave of mini LED-based products.” 

The new 100 Hz bondhead was developed in Coeur d’Alene by Rohinni’s team of engineers. It marks another milestone for the organization, which continues to lead the industry in mini LED placement speeds. The company’s placement technology enables its joint ventures in design and manufacture of mini LED-based logos and keyboard backlighting (Luumii), displays (BOE Pixey) and mobility (Magna Rohinni Automotive) to lead their industries by providing faster speeds, which results in lower manufacturing costs.