Rokid unveils stylish ‘Vision 2’ mixed reality glasses

It’s been a big week for tech thanks to CES 2021 and to bring it to a close Chinese augmented reality (AR) company Rokid has revealed its latest device, the Rokid Vision 2.

Like its previous mixed reality (MR) products, Rokid has created a set of lightweight glasses which use optical waveguide technology – similar to what you’d find in Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 – to provide an experience with a 40° field of view (FoV), “equivalent to viewing a 120-inch TV that is 4 meters away” the company claims.

The Rokid Vision 2’s small form factor is down to the fact that all the processing is provided by an external device like a phone, tablet or even a laptop. Thus it extends these existing user interfaces so you can play videogames or watch video content. Additionally, the device also features built-in speakers, dual microphones for hands-free voice control and 6DoF SLAM via the central RGB camera for walking around virtual spaces.

As well as the hardware, Rokid has developed several in-house applications: Fantasy World, Holographic Cinema, and Virtual City. Fantasy World is a 360-degree immersive space to showcase voice, head control, and gestures. The Holographic Cinema provides a 4D IMAX theatre-like experience, whilst Virtual City helps to showcase the 6DoF SLAM technology.

Rokid Vision 2

Rokid is not only a company that creates products but also an interactive platform that integrates human, virtual and real worlds,” says Mingming Zhu, founder and CEO of Rokid in a statement. “XR is the next-generation platform that can perfectly integrate human-computer interaction through voice, vision, and display. It completely changes the ways we work, live, learn, and entertain. Rokid will continue to enable partners through innovative user interfaces and advanced products to reach more industries and consumers, ultimately reaching our mission to ‘Leave Nobody Behind’.”

Currently, Rokid has yet to specify when the Vision 2 glasses will the made available or how much they’ll cost. The company is targeting both consumers and enterprise applications alike, noting adoption in tourism, exhibition/museums, medical and other sectors.

These aren’t the only AR/MR glasses aiming to enter the market. Nreal Light has already begun its rollout, Lenovo’s ThinkReality A3 is due out mid-2021, plus Facebook and Ray-Ban’s device is expected this year. So lots to look forward to. For further updates on the Rokid Vision 2, keep reading VRFocus.