Samsung Electronics to support development of new Ambarella ADAS

Samsung Electronics has announced that it provide Ambarella with its 5-nanometer (nm) process for use in the semiconductor company’s new AI central domain controller. Through the collaboration, both firms aim to support the next generation of autonomous vehicle safety systems that offer enhanced AI performance, power, and reliability.

Ambarella’s automotive central domain controller, called the CV3-AD685, is the first production version in its CV3-AD product family of technologies. The SoC integrates Ambarella’s CVflow AI engine, which provides enhanced neural network processing power over its previous generation of SoCs (CV2-AD). Similar enhancements to its general-vector and neural-vector processing capabilities provide the performance needed to assist various autonomous driving technologies – including computer vision, 4D imaging radar, deep sensor fusion, and path planning.

With Samsung’s 5nm process, Ambarella’s CV3-AD685 SoC will further benefit from advanced image processing capabilities, a dense stereo and optical flow engine, ARM Cortex A78AE and R52 CPIs, an automotive GPU (for visualizations), and a hardware security module. The integrated solution also leverages an algorithm-first architecture, which delivers additional support to the entire autonomous driving software stack while allowing sensor information to be fused for L2+ to L4 functions.