Samsung to set up its mobile display plant in UP after removing from China

Uttar Pradesh is emerging as a new hub of investment under the government’s rule. Technical companies are also making it their first choice. Samsung, which is among the world’s giants IT companies, has also decided to manufacture mobile display products in Uttar Pradesh. Samsung has decided to shift its OLED display manufacturing unit from China and set up in Noida, UP. This will have a total investment of Rs. 4825 crore in the state.

With the establishment of this manufacturing unit, India will now be the third country in the world to manufacture mobile display products manufactured with OLED technology. UP Investment Minister Sidharth Nath Singh has informed that the Samsung display manufacturing unit at a cost of Rs 4825 crore was approved on Friday (December 11, 2020) at the Yogi Cabinet meeting.

This electronic investment is being restored from China to India,” he said. It will be the largest plant in the country. India will be the third country in the world to have an OLED mobile display plant. He further said that in view of the huge investment and industrial development, the Yogi Government has decided to give special impetus to Samsung’s project. The Narendra Modi government of the centre is also serious in promoting IT companies.