SANY delivered its first hybrid refrigerated truck to a Henan customer, marking SANY’s entry into the commercial refrigerated truck industry

Sany Heavy Industry delivered its all-new hybrid refrigerated truck to a customer in Nanyang, Henan, marking Sany’s successful entry into the commercial refrigerated truck industry.
Sany’s commercial refrigerated truck incorporates key technologies such as a dedicated integrated chassis, intelligent temperature control, real-time monitoring, and one-touch freshness, ushering in a new era of “smart” refrigerated transportation. It redefines “long endurance” by being low-carbon, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and low-energy consumption, and it leads the fast-paced logistics loading and transportation with comfort, safety, and efficiency.

In the future, Sany’s commercial refrigerated trucks will comprehensively address various needs through three major technological routes: pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel. It is particularly suitable for medium-duty and light-duty platforms. Pure electric light-duty trucks are mainly used for short to medium-distance intercity and urban distribution transportation and are not restricted by operating zones, allowing goods to be delivered directly to end customers. Hybrid medium-duty trucks are primarily used for intercity and dedicated-line transportation, offering intelligent switching between multiple working modes. In the hydrogen energy series under development, Sany’s commercial refrigerated trucks will embrace hydrogen technology, ushering in a “hydrogen era” for green and efficient cold chain logistics.

By combining a range of platform products, Sany’s commercial refrigerated trucks cover a wide range of scenarios, focusing on urban distribution, intercity distribution through dedicated lines, and long-distance transportation. Sany’s entry into the commercial refrigerated truck sector not only represents a green transformation but also brings cost-effective and zero-carbon technology to the industry. With its commitment to quality and a nationwide service network, Sany’s “smart” refrigerated trucks are set to promote China’s cold chain industry towards a more economical, sustainable, and promising future.