Sensirion holding AG: Sensirion joins STMicroelectronics partner program to enhance its offer of state-of-the-art sensors for smart applications

Sensirion (SWX: SENS), a global smart sensor solutions provider, announced that it has joined the ST Partner Program. Its participation enables customers of both companies to benefit from state-of-the-art, high-quality components for innovative and extremely reliable applications.

For easy adoption and combined testing, the ST MEMS ecosystem now includes the SENSEVAL-SHT4XV1, an evaluation board with a SHT40 humidity and temperature sensor, compatible with MEMS tools and the STM32 ODE (open development environment) ecosystem. To meet expected demand, Sensirion has increased the manufacturing output of its humidity and temperature sensor family SHT4x, substantially cutting lead times.

“Joining the Partner Program brings our 4th generation humidity and temperature technology to ST’s customers and facilitates design-in while enriching ST’s portfolio. The joint focus on a full ecosystem solution enables us to bring our specialty products to even more customers in complex applications,” says Marc von Waldkirch, CEO of Sensirion.

ST’s Andrea Onetti adds, “Sensirion becoming an ST Authorized Partner enhances the existing collaboration between two sensor leaders and brings high value to the marketplace. Customers can now access a broad portfolio of the world’s most advanced inertial and environmental microsensors with the strongest supporting ecosystem to ensure the shortest possible time-to-market.”

The SHT4x is based on Sensirion’s CMOSens® technology and implements a complete sensor system on a single chip with a fully calibrated digital I2C interface. The miniaturized DFN package, its ultralow power consumption, and a minimum supply voltage of 1.08 V make the sensor ideal for compact, battery driven designs. Additionally, the sensor platform offers ISO17025 3-point calibration certificates, 5V analog-out interfaces, and robust automotive qualified variants with a wettable flanks package option.