Shoei Chemical acquires quantum dot business from Nanosys

Shoei Chemical, Inc., a leading advanced materials manufacturer, announced today that it, together with its North American subsidiary, Shoei Electronic Materials, Inc. (Shoei), has completed a definitive asset purchase agreement with Nanosys, Inc. (Nanosys) to acquire substantially all the assets associated with the Nanosys quantum dot business. As of September, 6th, 2023, Nanosys’ sales and marketing teams, the world-class quantum dot research and development team, and its Silicon Valley, California laboratories are now part of Shoei.

Quantum dots, a key enabling technology for next-generation displays including MiniLEDs, QD-OLEDs and electroluminescent NanoLEDs, represent an exciting growth opportunity for Shoei Chemical.

With this acquisition, Shoei Chemical strengthens its position as a key player in the advanced materials industry, while Nanosys, as a part of Shoei, will continue to lead the way in innovating state-of-the-art quantum dot technology and providing top-quality quantum dot materials to its customers and partners worldwide. The combination of Shoei Chemical’s extensive manufacturing capabilities and Nanosys’ unmatched expertise in quantum dot technology is expected to bring about a new era of growth and advancements in quantum dot technology.

“Nanosys has been at the forefront of quantum dot technology, and we are thrilled to welcome them into the Shoei Chemical family,” said Mr. Shuichiro Asada, President of Shoei Chemical, Inc. “This acquisition represents a pivotal moment in our journey to accelerate growth and deliver greater value to our customers. We are confident that the synergy between our companies will drive unparalleled innovations in the quantum dot materials market.”
Shoei will continue to operate the Nanosys brand, retaining its identity as the premier supplier of quantum dot materials. Existing customers can expect the same level of excellence in products and services they have come to rely on, with the added benefit of access to Shoei Chemical’s expanded capabilities and resources.
“In Shoei Chemical, we have found a partner who not only shares the same values as Nanosys but also has the necessary scale to successfully drive this business to the next level for the benefit of our customers and employees,” said Dr. Martin Devenney, CEO of Nanosys. “Retaining our brand identity while benefitting from Shoei’s manufacturing capabilities has proven to be a winning formula for our customers and the industry. Together, we will continue to lead the way in delivering cutting-edge quantum dot materials.”

Shoei Chemical and Nanosys have worked closely over the past four years and are committed to a seamless integration process with no disruption for customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.