Siemens selects XenomatiX technology to validate simulations for autonomous vehicle applications

Siemens is using XenomatiX’ true solid-state Lidar to validate its physics-based Lidar simulation model

Simulations play an essential role in the development and ‘testing’ towards self-driving vehicles.

Siemens’ Simcenter™ Prescan™ software virtually reproduces real-world traffic scenarios to validate the safety and reliability of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD) functionalities. Siemens has partnered with XenomatiX to add a generic, physics-based Lidar simulation model to its Simcenter Prescan software. The knowledge and expertise of XenomatiX’ optical team together with its advanced, true solid-state, Lidar technology, can enable Siemens to fine-tune its simulation model and validate it with real-life measurements from XenomatiX.

Jordan Gorrochotegui Candamo, product manager at Siemens, said: “To achieve safe and reliable validations, Siemens needs to provide customers an accurate digital twin of real-life traffic scenarios. Simcenter Prescan allows us to do this while providing high fidelity sensor simulation. XenomatiX is one of the first Lidar suppliers to implement a true solid-state unit that will likely make it to production vehicles. This gives us confidence in our choice to validate our simulation with XenomatiX using their XenoLidar product.”

Simulation or virtual testing allows users to test a product in extreme scenarios that cannot (repeatedly) be reproduced on the track. Additionally, within a simulation environment changes and improvements can be tested and analyzed up-front before developing the hardware, allowing for major cost savings. For a simulation model to be useful, it needs to be validated first to ensure its results represent the real world. Without validation, a simulation is useless for virtual design and prototyping.

The Siemens physics-based Lidar simulation model has been validated by comparing the Lidar model behavior with the behavior of physical XenoLidar in multiple circumstances. Filip Geuens, CEO of XenomatiX: “We are proud Siemens has chosen XenomatiX’ true solid state Lidar for its simulation validation.  XenoLidar is built on a unique concept recognized by Siemens and many other Tier Is.  With physics-based simulation within Simcenter Prescan, XenomatiX found a simulation software that is performant as well as accurate, and with joined efforts Siemens and XenomatiX can contribute to an accelerated Lidar deployment for ADAS and AD applications.’’