SK Telecom and Samsung unveil the Galaxy Quantum 4, providing more safety and performance with IDQ’s QRNG Chip

ID Quantique (IDQ), the world leader in quantum-safe security solutions, SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics, have worked together to release the ‘Galaxy Quantum 4’, the fourth Samsung smartphone equipped with quantum technology, designed to protect customers’ information.

With features matching those of Samsung’s flagship smartphones of the S23 series – i.e. waterdrop camera with image stabilization (OIS) and nightography (night/low-light shooting), rear glass design, large capacity battery – along with strengthened quantum-safe technology, the Galaxy Quantum 4 will be a new choice for customers who value both high performance and security.

Like its predecessor, the Galaxy Quantum 4 is equipped with the world’s smallest (width 2.5mm x length 2.5 mm) Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) chipset, designed by ID Quantique; enabling trusted authentication and encryption of information. It allows smartphone holders to use an even wider number of applications and services in a safer and more secure manner by generating unpredictable true random numbers.

IDQ’s QRNG chip enhances the security of a very large number of services provided by the operator. QRNG protects the process from log-in/authentication/payment/unlock/OTP generation of service apps ranging from financial apps to social media apps and games offering a much higher level of trust to the users.

As an example, when an application provides authentication services, sensitive data such as fingerprints and facial images must be protected. Our QRNG, embedded in this new smartphone, can therefore be leveraged to generate encryption keys and, in conjunction with the keystore of the terminal, provide quantum enhanced security every time a user logs in to the app. The QRNG is also used to encrypt data stored in the external memory card.

As the previous version, the ‘Galaxy Quantum 4’ offers a differentiated security experience to customers by providing a ‘quantum indicator’ on the status bar so that customers can realize that they are using a quantum security service. Its price point is comparable to previous versions, but with increased performance and security.