Slovakia is following the trend by producing electric car batteries

The first factory producing electric car batteries in Slovakia will be located in Voderady (Trnava Region). Together with the renowned US company Wildcat Discovery Technologies, the Slovak InoBat Auto firm aims to build a 100 MWh demonstration production line, with plans to upscale to a 10 GWh battery mass production facility that will serve automotive manufacturers in central and eastern Europe.

The Slovak-US cooperation envisages a combined research and development centre and production line that allows for the continuous development of proprietary batteries in close cooperation with electric vehicle manufacturers.

The InoBat Auto project will be not only competitive, but also one of the best in the EU,” Marián Smik, chair of the Slovak Battery Alliance (SBaA), told The Slovak Spectator. “This is mainly due to the fact that the project combines the innovative technology of Wildcat Discovery Technologies for battery research and development. At the same time, it is Slovak, so mainly regional companies invest in InoBat Auto and all intellectual property remains here.”

The SBaA, an independent advocacy team composed of legal entities that operates as an industry cluster, believes that this project will move Slovakia forward in one of the fastest growing areas – electromobility.