SMA unveils flexible PV and storage combo for every home’s energy needs

Munich will witness the launch of a unique combination consisting of the 1-phase 2-in-1 Sunny Boy Smart Energy inverter and the SMA Home Storage battery. The hybrid inverter features exceptional performance and fast battery charging capability. An advantage especially in regions with frequent clouding, the SMA Home Storage is a solution designed for intensive use and adaptability in different use cases, allowing to connect up to four batteries. Together or in combination with the existing SMA Home Energy Solutions, they provide unmatched flexibility and a comprehensive, one-stop solution to deliver tailor-made solar installations that align with homeowners’ budgets and requirements.

“Electricity dependence is increasing worldwide and SMA is committed to providing households and e-mobilists with solutions and systems for a future-proof, energy supply,” said Jan Van Laethem, Executive Vice President Business Segment Home, at SMA. “Our expanding range of solutions aims to provide self-managed and climate friendly energy systems for households worldwide. SMA plays a key role in the global energy transition, supporting both installers and end-users in all aspects of home energy needs with remarkably user-friendly solutions. Our new products share the same stylish design and together in one installation, where they form a unique combination that offers extra benefits.”

The Sunny Boy Smart Energy takes center stage as the all-in-one inverter for solar and storage systems. 3 MPP trackers enable maximum roof exploitation. Features like low startup voltage, the ability to leverage over dimensioning and the integrated SMA ShadeFix function ensure optimal solar yields even in shaded areas. Thanks to expandable backup options, the additional energy is also available during grid failures. (*) The Sunny Boy Smart Energy is compatible with the new SMA Home Storage and with HV batteries of brands. Being the result of uncompromising German design standards, the inverter comes with 10 years of warranty (**) and is first available in the power classes: 3.6 / 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0 kW. Higher power classes will follow in 2024.

Designed for intensive usage and adaptability across various use cases, the SMA Home Storage battery offers expandable capacity, allowing homeowners to add up to four modules (***) – mounted on the floor, on the wall or back-to-back. Thanks to its IP65 rating, outdoor installation is also possible. With the battery’s impressive 8,000 cycle life and 10-year warranty (**), homeowners benefit from powerful storage over a long period of time. The SMA battery is compatible with the new Sunny Boy Smart Energy and the Sunny Tripower Smart Energy three-phase hybrid inverter.

Seamless integration, control and comprehensive customer service

The innovative design reduces inverter assembly to a single central twist. This means time savings for installers and effectively allows them to complete more projects. Commissioning the inverter and battery is a breeze thanks to plug-and-play functionality with pre-assembled cables and the user-friendly SMA 360° app instructions. Installers keep track of the system with Sunny Portal, powered by ennexOS, while the homeowner can easily visualize and manage their energy flows with the intuitive SMA Energy App. In addition, SMA’s comprehensive service ensures that installers receive expert support from the SMA Service Line or Online Service Center throughout the project lifecycle eliminating the need for multiple points of contact. To further empower installers, the SMA Solar Academy offers comprehensive training from the sales process to delivering exceptional service that leaves homeowners satisfied with SMA’s game-changing PV and storage.

The Sunny Boy Smart Energy will be available in the US, Germany, Austria, Benelux, Spain, Italy and Switzerland from Q4 2023, depending on country-specific certification. Australia, as well as further European countries will follow in 2024. The SMA Home Storage will be available in Germany and Austria from August 2023, Benelux, Spain and Italy will follow later.