Society for Information Display (SID) announces Display Week 2019 keynote addresses by top executives from Samsung, Google and BOE

Back-to-back addresses to provide global perspective and insights on emerging display technologies, devices and future trends that will impact value chain stakeholders

 Display Week, the world’s international technical event for electronic display innovation, announces dynamic back-to-back keynote addresses by three prestigious visionary executives who display technologies and product innovation within their enterprises. Collectively these addresses will provide key insights, perspective and opportunities on the horizon for the assembled industry stakeholders, comprised of display creators, value-add suppliers, OEMs and end-users.

The highly anticipated thought keynotes will take place on the third of Display Week, May 14 from 9:00 am – 10:00 am, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, immediately preceding the opening of the 250+ exhibitor Display Week Solutions Exhibition at 10:30 am, which is expected to attract more than 7,000 visitors from across the globe.

  • Jinoh Kwag, CTO, Samsung Display
  • Rick Osterloh, SVP Hardware, Google
  • Gao Wenbao, CEO, BOE DAS BG

Among key highlights of Display Week 2019:

Display Week’s international Technical Symposium is known for its depth, breadth and deep-subject matter expertise, and includes short courses and seminars, together with more than 70 technical sessions consisting of 400+ oral and poster sessions throughout the week presenting the most current developments and advancements in high-tech display technology.

-Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and
Mixed Reality
-Bendable, Foldable, Rollable Displays
-Emerging Technologies and
-Liquid Crystal Technology
-Active-Matrix Devices
-Applied Vision/Human Factors
-Emissive, Micro-LED, and Quantum-Dot Displays
-Display Electronics
-Display Manufacturing
-Display Systems
-Display Measurement
-Next-Gen Automotive Displays and HMI Technologies
-Active-Matrix Devices
-Interactive Displays and Systems.

The Display Week exhibition attracts more than 250 market-companies from Asia, the U.S and Europe and is the only exhibition covering the entire electronic display and visual information technology supply chain.

-Displays (auto, avionic, entertainment,
marine, military)
-Devices (bendable, foldable, rollable)
-High-performance materials (glass,
films, crystals, coatings)
-Form factors
-Test and measurement equipment
-Software tools
-Design tools (LCD, LED, OLED, AMOLED)
-IoT integrated solutions
-Quantum Dots
-Sensor products
-Printed electronics
-Smart systems
-Systems integrators
-Touch solutions
-Manufacturing resources (OEM, ODM,