ST Micro introduces world first 1.5kV SJ MOSFET

ST’s MDmesh K5 series feature the industry’s best RDS(on) and figure of merit for increased power density and efficiency in applications such as LED lighting, metering, solar inverters, 3-phase auxiliary power supplies and welding. They are available at 800 V, 850 V, 900 V, 950 V, 1050 V, 1200 V and 1500 V.

Key features and benefits:

  • Industry’s lowest RDS(on) for increased efficiency and more compact designs
  • Industry’s best figure of merit (FoM)

STMicro Power Yole

World’s first 1500 V super-junction MOSFETs

ST has extended its portfolio of super-junction MDmesh K5 MOSFETs with the introduction of the industry’s first 1500 V devices. They provide the lowest R DS(on) per area and lowest gate charge (down to 47 nC), resulting in the industry’s best figure of merit (FoM). The higher breakdown voltage ensures a higher safety margin for more robust and reliable applications. They are ideal for wide input voltage range auxiliary power supplies in high-power applications such as solar inverters, factory automation, industrial drives and welding.

STMicro Power Yole1