Storage Specialist Excelero Joins NVIDIA

Excelero, a Tel Aviv-based provider of high-performance software-defined storage, is now a part of NVIDIA.

The company’s team of engineers — including its seasoned co-founders with decades of experience in HPC, storage and networking — bring deep expertise in the block storage that large businesses use in storage-area networks.

Now their mission is to help expand support for block storage in our enterprise software stack such as clusters for high performance computing. Block storage also has an important role to play inside the DOCA software framework that runs on our DPUs.

The Excelero team is joining NVIDIA as demand is surging for high-performance computing and AI,” said Yaniv Romem, CEO and co-founder of Excelero. “We’ll be working with NVIDIA to ensure our existing customers are supported, and going forward we’re thrilled to apply our expertise in block storage to NVIDIA’s world-class AI and HPC platforms,” he added.

Founded in 2014, Excelero developed NVMesh, software that manages and secures virtual arrays of NVMe flash drives as block storage available across public and private clouds.

Excelero’s software has won praise from users for its high throughput, low latency and support for Kubernetes containers. It’s also attracted collaborations with major cloud service providers.

The company has been an NVIDIA partner since its early days, attracting the former Mellanox, now part of NVIDIA, as an investor. We collaborated on accelerating storage with RDMA, a key technology at the heart of both InfiniBand and RoCE (Ethernet) networks.

NVIDIA will continue to support Excelero’s customers by honoring its contracts. Looking ahead, Excelero’s technology will be integrated into NVIDIA’s enterprise software stack.

We welcome this world-class engineering team to NVIDIA.