Suss MicroTec announces new mask aligner for imprint

SUSS MicroTec introduces its next generation mask aligner MA8 Gen5, a standalone system for imprint lithography.

SUSS MicroTec, a supplier of equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor industry and related markets, announces the launch of its latest generation mask aligner, the MA8 Gen5. The new semi-automated tool is specifically aimed at imprint lithography, a key enabling technology for many trending applications such as face or fingerprint recognition, light carpets or augmented reality.

The new platform introduces improved imprint processing features for standard, advanced and high-end processes and provides additional improved functionalities, including the further enhanced SUSS leveling system. The leveling system in particular offers an effective means to achieve an even more precise parallelism between stamp and substrate.

Configured for handling wafers up to 200 mm, the MA8 Gen5 is a highly attractive solution that meets the requirements of a large variety of imprint applications in the field of LED, MEMS/NEMS, micro-optics, augmented reality and opto-electronic sensors, using the renowned SUSS SMILE imprint technology.

SUSS mask aligners have already been renowned for their reliability and robust performance for over seven decades,” says Franz Richter, CEO and Chairman of the Board at SUSS MicroTec SE. “For our customers, this new generation of enhanced aligners provides an imprint solution that meets industry requirements for reliability and precision, in order to efficiently manufacture devices for the application. The new generation marks an important milestone towards achieving the goals of our SUSS 2025 growth strategy.”

The MA8 Gen5 is designed as a stand-alone tool, and can also be integrated as a module into a fully automated cluster system for high-volume production.