SUSS MicroTec introduces new coating/ developing platform ACS200 Gen3 TE at SEMICON West

SÜSS MicroTec SE, a supplier of equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor industry and related markets, launches the throughput-maximizing coating/developing platform ACS200 Gen3 TE at SEMICON West. Based on the successful ACS200 Gen3, the new tool offers features like up to six spinner modules and in-motion centering which improves wafer handling. Depending on the configuration, throughput increases by more than 30% compared to the ACS200 Gen3 platform. As the SUSS JETx inkjet printing module with PiXDRO technology is fully integrated into the tool, the platform also supports the next generation of material deposition and enables inkjet for automated systems.

Dr. Robert Wanninger, Senior Vice President Advanced Backend Solutions at SUSS MicroTec, underlines the wide range of applications the new tool offers: “The ACS200 Gen3 TE allows a significant increase in the number of coater/developer modules per tool. With its configuration flexibility, the ACS200 Gen3 TE meets the rising requirements of the Advanced Packaging, MEMS and LED markets. Improving throughput considerably and enabling higher process yield, it allows best cost-of-ownership for our customers.”

With better ESD protection and two screens as standard, the ACS200 Gen3 TE makes operation and maintenance more comfortable. The second screen is configurable to individual needs: cameras as well as the tool or module status can be displayed, and metrology data processed. In addition, the new coating/developing platform reduces energy and media consumption with features like temperature and flow controllers. Standard Manufacturing Interface (SMIF) load ports have been introduced as well as a Flexi Media Cabinet which offers a high level of standardization in the cleanroom.

For Stefan Lutter, Senior Vice President R&D at SUSS MicroTec, innovation combines perfectly with continuity in the new coating/developing platform: “The ACS200 Gen3 TE offers our customers valuable advantages in terms of process repeatability and reliability. Still, they can be sure the process transfer from the previous platform will be easy as the ACS200 Gen3 TE platform will continue to offer state-of-the-art open-bowl coating and the SUSS proprietary GYRSET® closed-cover coating technology.”