SUSS MicroTec signs agreement to sell the MicroOptics division to Focuslight Technologies

SÜSS MicroTec SE signed an agreement for the sale of its Swiss subsidiary SUSS MicroOptics SA and the division by the same name to Focuslight (HK) Investment Management a subsidiary of the Shanghai (China) listed company Focuslight Technologies. The transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024 and is subject to pending approvals. The transaction volume amounts to € 75.5 million and includes the acquisition of all shares of SUSS MicroOptics and the redemption of financial debt. After successful closing of the sale, SUSS MicroTec is expected to gain extraordinary income before taxes in a range of around € 40 to 45 million.

“Following detailed analysis, the Management Board and Supervisory Board concluded in early 2023 that the MicroOptics division no longer fits in SUSS MicroTec’s core business due to the low synergies with our semiconductor equipment divisions. We are convinced that with Focuslight we have found an owner who can develop SUSS MicroOptics to its full potential,” says Burkhardt Frick, CEO of SÜSS MicroTec SE.

Focuslight Technologies develops and manufactures with around 800 employees diode laser components as well as laser optics. Focuslight and SUSS MicroOptics have complementary product portfolios and serve customers in the automotive and medical technology sectors, among others. With the acquisition of photonics specialist LIMO from Dortmund (Germany), Focuslight already gained experience in the Western European markets 2017. Burkhardt Frick: “In return, SUSS MicroOptics has now the opportunity to gain further access to customers in new markets. Close cooperation in the areas of research and development, production and sales creates synergies in operating activities and forms the ideal foundation for further and accelerated growth. We like to thank the about 160 employees of SUSS MicroOptics for their great commitment to building up the company over the past few years and, together with Focuslight, wish them the greatest possible commercial success following the completion of the transaction.”

In the 2022 fiscal year, the MicroOptics division contributed sales in the amount of EUR 39.2 million to the total sales of SUSS MicroTec. With effect from September 30, 2023, the MicroOptics division will appear in SUSS MicroTec’s financial reporting as a discontinued activity. For the full-year forecast for 2023, which was last adjusted on October 25, 2023, and in which MicroOptics was still included, this results in a recalculated sales forecast of € 280 million to € 320 million, an expected gross profit margin of 34% to 36%, and an EBIT margin of 7% to 11%.