Swissbit acquires Hyperstone from CML Microsystems

Swissbit announces the acquisition of Hyperstone, supplier of flash memory controllers, and acquired in 2003 by CML Microsystems  from UK.

Through the investment Swissbit boosts its value creation and technology competence and further strengthens its position as an independent European manufacturer of memory and security products.

Joint development projects will focus on innovative solutions in the growth market for security and embedded IoT. The 2 companies will work together to meet the growing demands from customers for data and device security in the IoT with products. Hyperstone will also benefit from Swissbit’s system and market experience in these future markets for the development of its controllers. At the same time both companies will continue to support and expand their respective customer and partner networks for storage solutions as independent organizations and brands.

The transaction is still subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

Hyperstone’s existing management team around MD Dr. Jan Peter Berns will invest in the team as part of the transaction and will hold a minority stake in the future.  

Focusing on synergies for IoT and security solutions
Through joint development projects, the 2 companies will focus on solutions in the growth market for security and embedded IoT. The aim is to develop solutions that enable customers to protect data and devices in IoT more reliably and easily. As an independent manufacturer with many years of experience in security solutions, Swissbit further strengthens its value and technology chain. Customers can depend on partner with complete supply chain control over its security products – from the design and development of products and modules and the integration of applicable security components such as Secure Elements, NAND flash memory and controllers, through to secure production in its own new manufacturing facility in Berlin, Germany.

With the acquisition of Hyperstone, Swissbit is now better positioned to implement its long-term growth strategy and to offer IoT and security solutions to reliably protect data and devices in networked systems.

For more than 20 years, it has been a partner for the development and production of reliable storage products such as SD and microSD memory cards, SSD HDDs and USB memory modules for industrial applications as well as hardware-based security solutions for applications in the Internet of Things. Its products are for the special requirements of industrial applications offering reliability, quality, durability, and security. Using flash-memory technology, the company develops and produces integrated and hardware-based solutions for M2M (machine to machine) authentication, cryptography and data protection and storage. Custom and bespoke solutions are also offered. All Swissbit products are Made in Germany in the new factory in Berlin.

The acquisition forms an integral part of our growth strategy,” says Silvio Muschter, CEO, Swissbit. “Digitalization and increased connectivity of devices in the Internet of Things are driving the demand for secure, high-quality storage products from our memory division and security solutions from our embedded IoT division. The most valuable asset is data. At Swissbit we see it as our key responsibility to store and protect this data reliably. With the acquisition of Hyperstone, we are not only strengthening and deepening our value chain, but also our technology chain. This will be of great benefit to customers who are looking for a trustworthy provider of highly reliable security products “Made in Germany” for demanding applications.

As a provider of flash controller solutions, Hyperstone will continue to provide controllers, firmware and reference designs to module suppliers and disk-on-board integrators around the world.

With Swissbit as an investor we are gaining a partner with a deep understanding of our markets and technologies. Based on this knowledge Hyperstone will be supported to invest, operate and grow independently in our market. All our customers will benefit from new products and a strong roadmap,” says Dr. Jan Peter Berns, MD, Hyperstone.

Benefits for existing customers and partners
Both companies will continue to support their respective customer and partner networks in storage solutions as independent organizations and brands. Swissbit will further expand its competencies and capabilities for NAND flash technologies for industrial applications in industry, telecommunications, automotive and medical markets. Hyperstone will strengthen its investment in a controller roadmap while continuing its focus on customers of controllers and disk-on-board integrators requiring durability, reliability, and security.

Swissbit was founded in 2001 and has offices in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Japan and Taiwan.

Hyperstone’s was founded in 1990 at its headquarter in Konstanz, Germany with regional offices located in Taipei, Taiwan and Mission Viejo, USA.