Technological advances that facilitate true mass micro manufacturing

Nanofabrica recently announced the commercial launch of the world’s first mass production additive manufacturing (AM) platform aimed at micro manufacturing applications.  Boasting single micron resolution, Nanofabrica’s technology is targeted  squarely at the optics, semi-conductor, micro-electronics, MEMS, microfluidics, and life sciences sectors. These sectors exhibit high-level demand for accuracy and complexity, and until now the only route to market has been through disproportionately expensive or restrictive traditional manufacturing technologies.

The key to the success of the Nanofabrica technology is that it brings the benefits of AM to micro manufacturers for the first time, including hitherto impossible part complexity (enhancing design and functionality), no tooling costs, minimal set up costs, and the ability to mass customise and personalise products. As a versatile technology appropriate for prototyping, small batches, and mass manufacturing, the technology is now stimulating innovation in the micro manufacturing sector.