Teledyne Industrial X-Ray Solutions launches new Rad-Xcam detectors based on innovative IGZO technology

Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) announced that it has obtained the third-party certifications from SGS-TÜV Saar for Road vehicles — Functional safety ISO 26262 and Road vehicles — Cybersecurity engineering ISO/SAE 21434.

 The need for performance that supports safe, secure vehicles and cybersecurity continues to grow in line with the introduction of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and the anticipated proliferation of automated driving. Such developments create demand for high-performance safety features in the constituent parts and software used in automobiles. ISO 26262 is an international standard governing the functional safety of electric and electronic devices on vehicles. Acquisition of ISO 26262 certifies that the development process of vehicle sensors at SSS fulfills the requirements of the standard, recognizing that products are being developed to a high level of functional safety.

ISO/SAE 21434 is an international standard that establishes cybersecurity measures across the lifecycle of the automobile. Computerization of vehicle control systems has progressed rapidly in recent years, and with it, the risk of cyberattacks is also growing, necessitating industry-wide cybersecurity countermeasures. ISO/SAE 21434 certification attests not only that SSS vehicle sensors incorporate product and software security measures, but also that SSS has an organizational security framework in place covering the development, manufacturing, and maintenance processes.

By developing vehicle sensors capable of advanced sensing and recognition, SSS will help to build a world of safe, secure automated driving.