The world on time…with help from robots: announcing nuro’s partnership with FedEx

Nuro has always been about transforming local commerce through autonomous delivery. Whether it’s dinner, milk, or medicine, we see an opportunity to get things to communities when they need them with less driving, lower emissions, and a better user experience. We have built our team around the vision for a new kind of local delivery, and we have learned so much since our first tests delivering Kroger groceries in Scottsdale in 2017 to our recent Domino’s pizza deliveries in Houston. Our hundreds of operators and fleets of autonomous vehicles have been delivering all sorts of goods for years. We’re proud of that progress, but it looks tiny compared to companies who have spent decades getting everything to us on time.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with the global leader in logistics. FedEx has made a long-term commitment to use Nuro’s autonomous bots for last-mile delivery at large scale. It’s difficult to imagine another company more apt to use our technology to better everyday life. FedEx is responsible for connecting more than 99% of the world’s GDP — an astounding statistic. On any given day, its 600,000 person team handles about 18 million packages with a fleet of 200,000 vehicles. Now, we get to add Nuro’s next-generation autonomous vehicle to their operations.

This is a new kind of deal for our industry. It is a strategic partnership with significant commitments on both sides, targeted use cases and markets, and ambitious scale. We’ve already begun testing with FedEx in Houston, learning about their operations and getting their feedback. Over time, we’ll test and deploy Nuro’s robots together and grow to a scale that will be transformative for logistics and for everyday life.

Core to Nuro’s values is our commitment to communities, and that includes the hardworking local delivery drivers who bring people packages. Nuro’s technology can help improve the daily experience of FedEx’s team members, taking on inefficient deliveries, finding new ways to move parcels, and adding new capacity to support rapidly growing demand — all while delivering at the most convenient times for FedEx’s customers. No more driving to a store, sitting in traffic, and waiting in line to send a package. No more wondering when a package will arrive. Just smarter, easier, safer delivery that’s better for the environment.

This is a big moment for us. Our vision for the future — a better everyday life through robotics — is gathering momentum. It’s exciting and humbling, all at once. We know there’s a great amount of work to be done, but we’re ready for it, and times like this remind us that it’s all worth it. FedEx lives to deliver, and soon, it will be delivering with the help of Nuro’s bots.