Three major production lines of’s passenger vehicle intelligent driving business start mass production and deliveries officially announced the product line of intelligent driving business for passenger cars – the intelligent driving software brand “Pony Zhitu”, the domain controller “Fangzai” and the data closed-loop tool chain “Kangqiong”, and has established an independent business The department (Personally Owned Vehicles, referred to as POV) operates the business.

This business started from’s investment in pre-installed mass production in 2020. Under the operation of an independent business unit, will provide the market with high-performance, cost-effective intelligent driving software and hardware solutions. At present, all three product lines of this business segment have been designated and have begun mass production and delivery.

As a result, has formed three technology front-end business segments: self-driving travel service (Robotaxi), self-driving freight service (Robotruck) and passenger vehicle intelligent driving business (POV). With the rapid increase of end users’ demand for intelligent driving experience and higher requirements, the POV business will become one of the core driving forces for the future development of