Top U.S. MEMS Semiconductor foundry, Atomica, raises $30 Million in series C financing

Atomica, a leader of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), announced a $30 million Series C financing. The round was funded by Cerium Technology Ventures, Novo Tellus Capital Partners, and St. Cloud Capital. The new financing allows Atomica to expand its foundry capabilities, advance MEMS technologies, and support domestic production of biochips, sensors, and photonic circuits.

Atomica is a pioneer in manufacturing Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). MEMS technologies leverage the precision and scale of semiconductor wafer manufacturing to make micro and nano-scale structures on silicon, glass, and other substrates to significantly improve the performance and economics of chips used for sensing and mechanical functions. Atomica is the U.S. MEMS foundry, partnering with innovative system-vendors and fabless device firms globally to bring new technologies to life.

As highlighted by the recently passed CHIPS Act, the U.S. must re-establish leadership in semiconductor manufacturing including MEMS semiconductor chips for emerging applications such as genomics, cell therapies, molecular diagnostics, IoT sensing, and autonomous vehicles,” said Atomica CEO, Eric Sigler. “We are pleased to garner the support of new capital partners St. Cloud and Novo Tellus, as well as the continued commitment of Cerium. These investments aid our efforts to grow and protect domestic U.S. manufacturing of MEMS and related semiconductor technologies.”

As sector investors, we invest behind long-term secular trends and innovative management teams who are passionate about their mission.  We see that at Atomica and we are excited to support management in their growth journey,” said Wai San Loke, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Novo Tellus Capital Partners.

Robert Lautz, Co-Founder of St. Cloud Capital adds, “We are extremely pleased to facilitate Atomica’s next chapter of growth in partnership with the management team, Cerium Technology Ventures, and Novo Tellus Capital Partners. Atomica has differentiated itself as a world-class MEMS company addressing design, development, and fabrication solutions across the full spectrum of MEMS use cases that aim to solve most pressing problems.”

Atomica is a very special company, uniquely positioned to capitalize on the enormous potential of MEMS technology.  Cerium is delighted to increase our investment and participate in the exciting future of the company,” notes Cerium Managing Director, Eldon Klaassen.