Tower Semiconductor and Fortsense introduce a co-developed highly advanced 3D Imager for LiDAR application

Tower Semiconductor a leader in high-value analog semiconductor foundry solutions, and Fortsense, a leader in LiDAR SPAD technology solutions and ICs, announced the successful development of an advanced 3D imager for LiDAR application based on dToF technology. The newly developed product, FL6031, is based on Tower’s 65nm Stacked BSI CIS platform with pixel level hybrid bonding and is the first in a series of products designed to address the needs of numerous depth sensing applications in the automotive, consumer, and industrial markets among others. According to Yole , the 3D imaging, sensors, and systems market is expected to grow at 13% CAGR reaching a $17B by 2028.

Tower’s advanced 65nm Stacked BSI CIS platform with its unique pixel level hybrid bonding between a SPAD (Single Photon Avalanche Diode) array and high performing logic enables strategic advantages including high-speed in-chip data processing and small die size which are both essential for high resolution dToF (direct Time-of-Flight) sensors. These features, combined with Tower’s extensive capabilities in pixel design and customization, enable the development of Fortsense’ new product series targeting applications that require adequate distance measurement and depth mapping for fast camera auto focus, 3D scanning, and LiDAR.

“We have chosen Tower as our strategic partner for the development of our 3D imager dToF products based on its versatile and proficient CIS platform offering,” said Michael Mo, Fortsense CEO. “The collaborative work of expert teams from both companies, combined with Tower’s vast experience in the field of imaging, yielded several successful developments over the past years. We are excited to extend our collaboration and bring to market new, advanced 3D sensing solutions that address the growing needs of strategic markets.”

“The collaboration with Fortsense on the development of an optimized 3D imager based on dToF sensor technology is a statement of both parties commitment to drive innovation and deliver exceptional sensors to the 3D imaging market,“ said Dr. Avi Strum, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sensors and Displays Business Unit, Tower Semiconductor. “We look forward to continuing our joint efforts in the development of additional products in this series, delivering advanced solutions driving mutual growth and success.”