Ultraleap reveals new TouchFree hand-tracking demo at CVPR, using prophesee metavision technologies

Digital signage and displays are becoming increasingly more prevalent and engaging. One new development in this space is the ability to interact with digital content without touching a screen – completely touch-free.

Ultraleap’s TouchFree solution enables users to interact with digital screens through natural hand interactions and offers a higher level of engagement without sacrificing productivity and throughput.

To achieve broad applicability in interactive digital signage, it’s crucial to address challenges related to robustness in diverse lighting environments, including nighttime and brightly lit spaces. In addition, interactivity through glass windows, a high-value use case, can present complex issues that require attention.

Prophesee’s Event-Based Metavision® technology, with its high dynamic range, low power and high-speed asynchronous readout unlocks consistent experiences in all environments.

Ultraleap has developed a technology demonstrator featuring a stereo setup with two event-based IMX636 sensors, realized in collaboration between Sony and Prophesee. This is used with Ultraleap’s world’s class hand tracking and the TouchFree solution to deliver the world’s first touchless experience featuring Prophesee Metavision® technologies.

We are excited to share that Ultraleap will be demonstrating this new development at CVPR 2023. The demo will be shown at the workshop on Event-based Vision on the 19th of June at 10:30 AM. Secure your meeting with us to learn more about what Metavision can do for your application.