USound MEMS drivers selected for linner deluxe OTC hearing buds

The MEMS transducer technology from Austrian company USound has been selected by LINNER for the development of a new discreet over-the-counter (OTC) hearing device, LINNER Deluxe. The new design, very similar to true wireless earbuds like previous LINNER products, will integrate USound’s Conamara thin, lightweight, full-range MEMS speakers, recognized for their integration flexibility, and benefiting also from the Tarvos low-power amplifier integration.

The new LINNER OTC hearing buds are the latest from this company who entered the market with a (much troubled) crowdfunding campaign in 2016 (Linner noise-cancelling wired earphones), and went on to promote the concept of TWS earbuds as affordable hearing assist devices. Now fully focused on “improving the lives of individuals with hearing loss,” LINNER is focused on being one of the most affordable options in the OTC space, leveraging the enormous progress in the consumer true wireless space.

“LINNER is thrilled to collaborate with USound this time, which brings an exciting upgrade to our previous generation of hearing devices. By integrating USound’s cutting-edge MEMS speaker technology into our new OTC hearing device, we are able to deliver a truly exceptional and discreet hearing experience to our customers. It marks a significant milestone in our commitment to continuous innovation and delivering the best possible OTC hearing solutions to our valued customers,” says Bond Zhao, LINNER’s CEO.

The anticipated LINNER hearing aids are characterized for their small and lightweight format, benefiting from USound’s Conamara 6mm full-range, ultra thin MEMS drivers, combined with USound’s Tarvos 1.0 amplifier to optimize power consumption of the overall design. According to USound, the Conamara transducers, when combined with SMT reflow soldering capabilities, enable an automatic pick and place assembly process, which significantly reduces production costs and shortens production time. Another key characteristic is the speakers’ durability and water-resistance capabilities (IPx8 certified). The latter enables the production of waterproof devices that can be worn in the shower, at the beach, and in humid environments.

From its own announcement, LINNER states that the LINNER Deluxe hearing aids will benefit from USound’s MEMS technology and its superior high-frequency response. “The implementation of MEMS in the LINNER Deluxe gives users a taste of aurally rich high-frequency sounds.” The company also underlines “unwavering consistency across all frequencies” as one of the most impressive traits of MEMS technology.

“The toughness of MEMS technology is another one of its significant advantages, making devices like the LINNER Deluxe incredibly resilient. They are more resistant to failure than many traditional hearing aids, thanks to their lower sensitivity to temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress. For users, this translates to the LINNER Deluxe being a sturdy, reliable device designed to weather daily use,” the company adds. The energy efficiency of MEMS technology, resulting in less frequent recharging, is another promoted advantage.

From the LINNER website, the new Deluxe hearing buds offer advanced noise suppressing, 18 adjustable bands and 16 wide dynamic range compression (WDRC) channels, with each band/channel supporting individual adjustment. The design also support four preset modes, including human voice intelligibility and background noise reduction modes, offering up to 8 hours of hearing enhancement on a single charge, and come with a USB-C and Qi wireless compatible charging case offering 30 hours. 

An evolution of their existing LINNER Nova earbuds, the LINNER Deluxe is an IPX5 water-resistant design and the charging case features built-in UV-C light that automatically disinfects the hearing buds once in the case. Like the Nova, the Deluxe model is a Bluetooth 5.2 system that supports a range of accessories such as a wireless TV transmitter and allows configuring all users features from the dedicated LINNER mobile app.

“We proudly announce our collaboration with LINNER, a notable developer of hearing solutions. This development will enable patients enjoy a more comfortable, less isolating lifestyle. USound will continue researching new MEMS-based audio solutions that allow manufacturers to develop the life-changing devices their customers have been waiting for,” stated Ferruccio Bottoni, USound’s CEO.