Videantis passes milestone of enabling 10 million production vehicles

More than 10 million cars have been shipped with videantis-based chips inside used for ADAS and other high-end applications. Further SOPs coming up in the following months.

videantis, a supplier of processor IP for the automotive and other embedded markets, announces that cumulative shipments of production vehicles equipped with videantis processors have surpassed the 10 million unit mark.

For the last couple of years, growth in the automotive electronics industry has been fueled by the implementation of sophisticated active and passive safety systems. Specifically,  Advanced Driver Assistance  Systems (ADAS), towards higher levels of automated driving, are relying on more sensors, more data and hence require more compute power.

videantis’ scalable multi-core processing platforms like the v-MP4000HDX and its AI-enhanced successor v-MP6000UDX offer  an unprecedented combination of abundant application performance, very small silicon area, and  extreme power efficiency to meet the ever-growing demands of those automotive systems at significantly reduced cost. videantis processor IP has been integrated in multiple automotive chip families by different suppliers and is  used in production by various Tier 1s and OEMs worldwide. Available chips also have been designed-in into various global automotive platforms because of their compliance with standards like AEC-Q100 or ISO26262. Customers using these chips additionally rely on videantis tools and software for serial production.

While this milestone is a clear proof of  the reliability of our processor IP, tools,  and software solutions in a market with highest quality and safety demands, it also motivates us to work even harder towards reaching the next milestone of 100 million videantis-enabled cars in the near future,” said Dr. Hans-Joachim Stolberg, CEO of videantis. “With the rapidly growing production volumes and increasing number of Tier 1s and OEMs employing videantis processors, we are pleased to see that the automotive industry starts to standardize on the videantis processor platform for highest-efficiency solutions. This enables Tier 1s and OEMs to realize even more cost savings for their next-generation systems through significant software reuse by benefiting from the full backward compatibility of our new processor generations.”

videantis is looking forward to further upcoming growth with more chip tape-outs including the latest generation of its unified processing IP platform and further SOPs with currently available videantis-based chips later this year.