VLC Photonics issues report on silicon photonic foundries

Backed up by its long-term relationship with all the major photonic integrated circuit (PIC) manufacturers, PIC design house VLC Photonics of Valencia, Spain (which has experience with various material platforms including silicon photonics, indium phosphide, silicon nitride, PLC and polymer) has compiled some of its technical knowledge into a report detailing 35 international foundries and six foundry brokers involved in silicon photonics technology. On its 170+ pages (with 650+ public references), the ‘Silicon Photonics Foundry Report’ provides an analysis of the different foundries’ capabilities, facilities, equipment, processes, component libraries, and previous and on-going works.

The idea came a few years ago when we realized that we were often discussing with our customers the same specific information regarding the capabilities of the different foundry providers,” says CEO Iñigo Artundo.By consolidating this into a report, our goal is to help other companies and researchers to quickly and precisely identify which foundries are best suited to fulfil their requirements”.

The report draws on research combined with a decade of experience to deliver comprehensive, factual and organized information, facilitating decision making and long-term planning. “This report conveys all the necessary information to face the difficult choice for the most adequate manufacturer in the short term but also for the long run,” believes Artundo.

The report has been fully released both in electronic pdf and printed version, and is now available for online purchase at the company’s website, where a free sample is also available for download.