Volkswagen to install 36,000 charging points in Europe by 2025

The total investment in charging infrastructure at plants and dealerships, as well as public locations will be €250 million

Volkswagen announced plans to install 36,000 charging points throughout Europe by 2025, including 11,000 by the Volkswagen brand.

The total investment for the charging infrastructure to be some €250 million ($282 million) or almost €7,000 per single terminal, which suggests mostly 11- or 22- kW three-phase charging points.

The plan envisions some 4,000 charging points for employees at VW’s plants (many of these will be accessible to the public) plus charging points at roughly 3,000 dealers in all large towns and cities (at least a few stations per dealer, we guess).

Part of the plan is to bring a comprehensive offer of charging solutions for companies and consumers through Elli (Electric Life) subsidiary.

Volkswagen expects that some 70% of charging will be done at home or at work.

Estimates by Volkswagen indicate that 70 percent of all charging operations will be carried out at home or work in the future. Volkswagen company Elli will be offering complete charging solutions for companies and consumers to meet these requirements from 2020 onwards. These will range from affordable Wallboxes including installation to appropriate eco-power. At Volkswagen plants throughout Germany, the brand will be installing about 4,000 charging points for employees; many of these will be accessible to the public.

Public charging stations will be used for about a quarter of all charging operations. With Volkswagen’s “We Charge” service, customers will have access to more than 100,000 charging points throughout Europe in the future – in the medium term, the figure is set to rise to 150,000 charging points. Partnerships with retail chains are planned, allowing customers to charge their cars conveniently while they are shopping. A start has been made with Tesco in the UK and other chains are to follow.”