VueReal adopts ASM Pacific technology (ASMPT) solution to bring to market mass transfer cartridge technology that enables low-cost MicroLED display applications

MicroLED offers a superior viewing experience versus existing display technologies such as conventional LCD and OLEDs. End market applications like smartwatches, VR/AR micro displays, automotive infotainment displays, TV screens and mobile phone displays are assembled by precisely placing millions of Micro LEDs together. The challenge has been efficiency and yield rates in the manufacturing process.

In a significant development, VueReal and ASM Pacific Technologies (ASMPT) have agreed to integrate VueReal’s cartridge mass transfer solution into ASMPT’s industry mass transfer bonding solution for microLED display applications. This will allow our mutual customers to achieve 99.99+% transfer yields on LED’s smaller than 10 micrometers, which will enable microLED to become competitive with existing display technologies. “We are excited to work with ASM and their world-class team to bring our solution to market. We offer adhesive as well as metal to metal bonding solutions and various cartridge configurations depending on customer application requirements,” said, Reza Chaji, VueReal CEO.

We are very pleased that ASMPT’s mass transfer bonder solution is able to offer its high-speed and high-precision MicroLED capabilities to augment Vuereal’s cartridge mass transfer solution,” said Joe Poh, CEO of ASMPT’s Optoelectronics Business. “This potent technology combination could mean a game changer for MicroLED manufacturing, as it lowers the total cost of ownership with improved yield and accuracy.”