Weebit and SkyWater announce agreement to take ReRAM technology to volume production

Weebit Nano a developer of next-generation memory technologies for the global semiconductor industry, and SkyWater Technology, the trusted technology realization partner, announced an agreement to take Weebit’s innovative Resistive RAM (ReRAM) technology to volume production. In addition, SkyWater has licensed the technology for use with customer designs.

Under the terms of the agreement, SkyWater and Weebit will collaborate to transfer the Weebit ReRAM technology to SkyWater’s production fab and qualify it for volume manufacturing. Following the qualification of the technology, SkyWater intends to offer it to customers as embedded, non-volatile memory (NVM) IP on the company’s 130nm CMOS process.

SkyWater’s 130nm process is a sweet spot for a broad range of applications such as analog, power management, automotive, IoT and rad-hard designs. In these application domains, Weebit’s ReRAM provides significant advantages such as cost effectiveness, enhanced endurance and retention even at high temperature ranges, good tolerance to radiation and electromagnetic fields, and zero interference with front-end-of-line (FEOL) analog components.

Commercialization of ReRAM technology will provide enhancements to a range of new electronics in industries such as automotive which require high-temperature performance. Weebit’s ReRAM allows semiconductor memory elements to be significantly faster, less expensive, more reliable and more energy efficient than those using existing embedded Flash memory solutions. The technology focuses on enabling IoT devices and edge computing architectures and will benefit neuromorphic computing opportunities for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

Weebit’s ReRAM technology can be scaled to a number of other technologies like SkyWater’s 90 nm and carbon nanotube platforms. Because it is based on fab-friendly materials, the technology can be quickly and easily integrated with existing flows and processes, without the need for special equipment or large investments.

Coby Hanoch, CEO of Weebit Nano, said: “We are delighted to announce Weebit’s first commercial agreement to take our groundbreaking ReRAM to volume production. SkyWater is an ideal partner because of the company’s commitment to technology innovation and supporting their customers’ differentiated products. Our technology, which is highly efficient and extremely robust, is enabling greater performance and lower power memory solutions for a range of new electronic devices. We look forward to collaborating with SkyWater – starting immediately – to ensure smooth technology transfer to their U.S. production fab.”

Thomas Sonderman, SkyWater president and CEO said: “As a proven Trusted Technology Foundry, SkyWater helps customers differentiate their silicon through innovative technologies, materials and processes. Weebit’s ReRAM is at the forefront of non-volatile memory technology and is laying the groundwork for exciting new memory solutions. We’re excited to work with Weebit toward building its technology into our growing library of silicon-proven and trusted design IP that our customers can leverage in building highly differentiated SoC designs.”