Welinq and iXblue join forces to develop industry-grade quantum memories

iXblue, a global company in the fields of photonics and quantum technologies, and Welinq, a French start-up developing cold-atom-based quantum memories, have signed a strategic partnership agreement. Thanks to this partnership, Welinq will be able to deliver the first highly-efficient quantum memory product line directly at industry standards. It will be available on the market by 2024.

iXblue will develop dedicated laser technology bricks for Welinq needs, based on its experience in the quantum sensing field. iXblue will also offer its scientific and technological expertise in the manufacturing and commercialization of industry-grade quantum technologies.

Quantum memories have been identified as the key missing hardware for applications in quantum computing and quantum communication. Welinq’s team has developed the world’s most efficient quantum storage platform by using a technology relying on cold neutral atoms, with a storage efficiency reaching 90%. Welinq’s cold-atom-based technology is reliable and mature for quick deployment in HPC centers and quantum communication infrastructures to efficiently interconnect quantum processors.

iXblue has developed the world’s first industry-grade cold-atom systems, which are now deployed at the summit of active volcanoes or even in Antarctica! Having the possibility to rely on their world-class integrated laser systems for the manipulation of cold atoms gives us an outstanding competitive advantage. It is a strong asset to manufacture our first products directly at industry standards” says Tom Darras, CEO of Welinq.

The development of industry-grade quantum memories is a fantastic technological challenge.  We are convinced that Welinq has both an exceptional team and technology which will allow them to launch on the marketplace a unique solution for the interconnection of quantum computers. We are very excited by this collaboration that will open great perspectives for our laser technologies.” says Bruno Desruelle, Managing Director of iXblue Quantum Sensors.