Xsens and Kinduct parent company mCube rebrands as Movella

Xsens’ parent company mCube announced it is rebranding as Movella™ – a global provider of innovative solutions in sensing, capturing, and analyzing movement data. Movella is focused on a bold vision and dedicated to providing actionable insights for customers and partners to create extraordinary outcomes that move humanity forward.

The mission of Movella is to digitize movement so that people can extract meaning and impact positive change by providing intelligent solutions for sensing, capturing, and analyzing motion and states of being. Movella products accelerate innovation in entertainment, sports, health, and industrial markets:

  • In Entertainment: Movella brings meaning to movement by empowering digital artists to unleash their creativity with the most advanced & easy-to-use motion capture technology.
    In Health: Movella brings meaning to movement by providing technology-enabled insights that remove barriers to human motion.
  • In Sports: Movella brings meaning to movement by providing teams and athletes the tools and insights needed to push their limits.
    In Industrial: Movella brings meaning to movement by providing superior positioning and orientation systems within complex industrial and commercial environments.

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information. Read it here.