Zeon Corporation acquires Edge Precision Manufacturing Inc (“Edge”), a leading manufacturer of micro featured thermoplastic devices for diagnostic, clinical, optics, and research applications

Zeon Corporation, through its subsidiary Zeon Specialty Materials Inc., has purchased 100% of the shares of Edge Precision Manufacturing, Inc., a manufacturer of micro featured thermoplastic devices, from shareholders including venture capital funds managed by U.S. investment company Anzu Partners, LLC, on December 28, 2022.

“The combination of Edge and ZEON offers our customers unprecedented security with a simplified supply chain underpinned by the parent company’s long-term track record of growth and success,” said Edge’s CEO Andrew Kamholz, Ph.D., “Edge can now further optimize both its proprietary thermal compression tooling and scale manufacturing technologies, offering the only product-quality process that requires no bridge tooling between prototyping and large-volume production.”

ZEON’s COPs (product names ZEONEX® and ZEONOR®), well known for their unique properties such as low autofluorescence, high light transmittance, low biomolecules adsorption, low impurities, and low melt viscosity, have been the leading material used for microscale and microfluidic and biochemical analysis applications.

Through the acquisition of Edge, which uses many of ZEON’s materials, ZEON will strengthen COP’s use for microfluidic analytical devices while leveraging EDGE’s customer network, including that of Aurora Microplates for microplates, acquired in February 2022. This latest move by ZEON aims at developing new businesses for cyclo olefin polymers (COPs) while expanding their commitment to explore new businesses in healthcare and life sciences.