A bright future? Displays and optic innovations transform the AR & VR industries

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From Zine Bouhamri, PhD, Technology & Market Analyst, Displays at Yole Développement (Yole): “AR was and continues to be the dream that consumer electronics companies want to make real to deliver the long-awaited revolution of replacing smartphones. But as children of the flat panel display industry, we are used to having very high-quality displays all around us. And the image quality that AR has been able to provide so far is not yet at this level. Technology improvements such as waveguide optics and microLEDs will enable an increase in functionalities and use case developments. Without a compelling use case, the consumer will not jump into the game”.

The market research & strategy consulting company, Yole, analyzes this progress in a new dedicated display report, titled Displays and optics for AR & VR 2020. Yole offers a comprehensive overview and in-depth understanding of the displays and optics markets associated with these industries. This report analyzes the key challenges related to AR & VR systems and the future trends and evolution of AR & VR market landscapes. This study also points out the related industrial and technological ecosystems, associated roadmaps, market forecasts, and much more.

Indeed, Yole’s analysts expect a first generation of headsets to come soon, with a 2021 milestone of a noticeable volume. These will be based on conventional optics with most likely either MEMS or OLED-on-silicon display solutions. However, for the market to really be enabled, a complete technological paradigm shift is required. In terms of optics, everything revolves around waveguide technologies. For a long time they have been improving and were fighting against the poor optical efficiency they could deliver… More info.

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