AI for autonomy: automotive is leading the way

In 2018, only robotic vehicles could claim to possess in-car AI. The associated computing market, driven by computers equivalent to what is found in datacenters and associated with rather low volumes, brought the computing market to US$156 million in 2018. Over the next 10 years, with the development of robo-taxis and shuttles, this market will remain the main revenue generator for AI in automotive, with US$9 billion in total computing revenue expected in 2028, announces Yole Développement (Yole) in its latest software & computing report, Artificial Intelligence Computing for Automotive report.

In its new technology & market analysis, the market research and strategy consulting company proposes a comprehensive scenario for AI[1] within the dynamics of the autonomous automotive market, and a deep understanding of the AI’s impact on the semiconductor industry. This new report is offering a detailed description of the ecosystem with an impressive analysis of future technical trends and challenges.

What is the status of AI for automotive applications? What are the related market drivers? Who are the players? How do they work together? Yole’s analysts tell you the story of “autonomous battle”…More info.

[1] AI : Artificial Intelligence

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