EPC, GaN Systems, Infineon Technologies, Innoscience… All play the power GaN game

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Yole SystemPlus analyzes the technical strategies of the leading compound semiconductor companies, with a detailed technology and cost comparison of 34 power GaN devices.


  • The power GaN market is expected to reach US$2 billion in 2027.
  • Power supply applications will be the main driver.
  • Al GaN/GaN HEMT s have shown that they are a possible and better substitute for Si devices for high-frequency applications with high power and low noise.
  • Si and sapphire are the main substrates used for commercially available GaN HEMT devices. Other substrates such as SiC and GaN are also considered.

Yole SystemPlus, part of Yole Group, has developed core compound semiconductor expertise with a dedicated team of reverse engineering & costing analysts. Yole SystemPlus collaborates closely with Yole Intelligence, also part of Yole Group, to identify the latest technical innovations, and understand and analyze the strategic choices made by the leading OEMs. Both partners combine their expertise to provide a deep understanding of the industry’s evolution through the technologies and strategies of the leading companies.

In its new comparison report, GaN Power Transistor Comparison 2022, Yole SystemPlus presents an overview of state-of-the-art GaN power devices to highlight differences in design and manufacturing processes and their impact on device size and production cost. This report analyzes 34 devices from 12 of the leading suppliers. Yole SystemPlus’s comparison report also includes estimated manufacturing costs of the analyzed GaN devices and their selling prices. Also provided are physical, technological, and manufacturing cost comparisons between the devices.

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june 2021

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Recent market reports have shown the continued growth of the GaN power device market, as well as the adoption of these devices in various applications ranging from consumer electronics to automotive applications. The GaN power market is expected to reach US$2 billion in 2027.

Oluwasayo Loto, Technology & Cost Analyst at Yole SystemPlus
“With GaN being a relatively new technology compared to silicon, GaN device manufacturers offer different approaches to device design, integration, and packaging. Due to the technical difficulty in GaN epitaxy, most manufacturers outsource the various stages of device manufacturing, thereby changing their business models from pure device manufacturing business models. GaN business models are now very varied”.

Since their first commercialization in 2010, the performance and added value of GaN devices have been gradually proven, and prices have become increasingly acceptable to end-users. New major players like STMicroelectronics are entering the market, and there is increased adoption of monolithic power GaN IC s in various mobile charges with a power rating up to 130 W at affordable prices.

However, GaN devices still have some technical and commercial challenges. Technically, improvements are required in manufacturing yield and electrical performance. Commercially, there is a need for large-volume market adoption driven by targeted applications (for instance, automotive) to reduce further the cost of GaN devices and favor GaN adoption on a large commercial scale.

Yole SystemPlus’ compound semiconductor & power electronics team invites you to follow the GaN industry and the evolution of the technology on Stay tuned!


  • GaN : Gallium Nitride
  • AI : Artificial Intelligence
  • HEMT : High Electron Mobility Transistor
  • Si : Silicon
  • SiC : Silicon Carbide
  • IC : Integrated Circuit

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