Glass & silicon for BioMEMS The heart of tomorrow’s medical devices

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“In today’s world, healthcare is more important than ever. Micro-technologies enable the production of medical devices that are needed for patient care, diagnostics, and monitoring,” states Collin Twanow, Director of Technology at Teledyne MEMS. “From neurostimulation implants and DNA sequencing chips to drug delivery devices and point-of-care tests for diagnosing COVID-19, micro-technologies are everywhere. BioMEMS materials, including glass, silicon, and polymers, are determined by their function. The Teledyne MEMS group has extensive experience with these materials.”

Dedicated to customer success, driven by rigourous quality systems, service, and protection of intellectual property, the Teledyne MEMS group partners with its customers to offer experience to add project value.

In this context, the market research and strategy consulting company, Yole Développement (Yole) investigates disruptive micro-technologies and related markets including the medical sector.
“The bioMEMS device market is expected to reach more than US$6 billion by 2025 with a 9.2% CAGR from 2019 to 2025,” announces Sébastien Clerc, Technology & Market Analyst in Microfluidics, Sensing & Actuating at Yole.“BioMEMS are more than ever the technology of choice, selected for high levels of integration, miniaturization and low power consumption in a transforming healthcare sector” .

Taking place on November 24, this webcast is powered by the Teledyne MEMS group, organized by Yole and supported by

For one hour, both speakers, Collin Twanow from the Teledyne MEMS group and Sebastien Clerc from Yole will give an overview of the role of micro-technologies for medical applications, the challenges related to their fabrication along with the main areas of growth. Register today!

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