Memory, CIS, and power electronics are driving the wafer thinning equipment market, before a new wave of innovation by 2025

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The demand for thinned wafers continues to increase owing to miniaturization associated with greater performance driven by a wide range of applications, such as stacked packages within mobile devices and other consumer products,” explains Amandine Pizzagalli, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole).According to the new Thinning Equipment Technology & Market Trends for Semiconductor Devices report released by Yole today, the thinned wafer market is showing a significant growth from 100 million to more than 135 million thinned wafers.
In parallel, the market research and strategy consulting company announces almost10% CAGR during the same period for the overall thinning equipment market. Analysts deeply focused on the technical issues and market trends. According Yole’s semiconductor manufacturing team, this industry was worth almost US$461 million in 2019 and will exceed almost US$792 million by 2025 mainly generated by memory, CIS and power SiC components as well as LED and laser diodes.

The Thinning Equipment Technology & Market Trends for Semiconductor Devices report is a comprehensive analysis of the major applications currently using thinning methods. It details attractive applications as well as the key benefits and added value of thinning technology in the semiconductor field. Yole’s analysts deliver today a relevant study of this industry with accurate market forecasts (breakdown by device type, by substrate type and by equipment technology. The competitive landscape including the identification of the key players, their market positioning and strategy is also well described in this new semiconductor manufacturing report.
“With this new report, our aim was to cover the different equipment used for thinning down and polish the semiconductor wafer substrates,”explains Gaël Giusti, PhD., Technology & Market Analyst at Yole. “The scope was focused on the back-end part for semiconductor devices industry. We also added thin film layers market segment. Moreover, this report was an opportunity to point out the market drivers as well as the limitations of each technology”.
What is the status of the thinning technologies today? Behind the existing and emerging technologies, who are the main companies involved? With a strong growth between 2019 and 2025 in volume and a new wave of innovations after 2025, how will each market segment evolve? Yole’s semiconductor manufacturing analysts are pleased to deliver today a snapshot of the thinning technologies and related applications. More info.

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