MiniLED displays: Skyworth presents unique architectural choices with its new Q72 MiniLED TV

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ONLINE EVENT on Sep. 27 – MiniLED displays are paving the way for major changes in the supply chain.


  • Although not using top-level DBR s with miniLEDs, the Skyworth Q72 MiniLED TV achieves the highest peak brightness at the BLU level.
  • This differentiating architectural choice made at the BLU level does not translate into better brightness and halo performance at the display level.
  • Thanks to its unique color conversion technology, the outstanding parameter of the Skyworth Q72 MiniLED TV is its color gamut coverage.
  • MiniLED displays webcast on September 27 – Program & Registration

After several years and many announcements, miniLED backlights are coming to the market. According to manufacturers’ claims, they will allow LCD s to offer a similar contrast to OLED while providing high brightness. All that while providing reduced power consumption, a very thin form factor (thickness), and cost/price competitiveness with OLED.

With the Q72 Smart MiniLED TV, Skyworth claims to provide better local dimming and, by using chip-on-glass technology combined with active matrix addressing, a more balanced brightness level to the screen.

Yole Group and its partners, DXOMARK and PISÉO, leaders in the assessment of consumer electronics quality and photonic systems architecture, respectively, acquired five different miniLED LCDs and analyzed them in detail. For each of them, the companies provided detailed teardowns and performance analyses. Discover an overview of these studies and key results during a dedicated webcast on September 27: Register Here!
This online event has been developed in collaboration with Kulicke & Soffa (K&S).

Speakers: Marc Leconte, Innovation Leader Optics, PISÉO; Bob Chylak, CTO and Senior VP Central Engineering, Kulicke & Soffa; Zine Bouhamri, Team Lead Analyst, Imaging & Displays, Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group.

Through its Super Original Color Tech which uses a Nanolumi Chameleon® G Film added to the original compound backlight structure, Skyworth, a leading company, also claims to improve color purification to generate pure RGB colors.

To evaluate the benefits of this new type of backlight, DXOMARK and PISÉO teamed up to produce the new Skyworth Q72 Smart MiniLED TV 2023 report.

Joël Thomé, CEO of PISEO
Brightness is currently a strength of miniLED technology compared to OLED. As such, the backlight unit of the Skyworth Q72 Smart MiniLED TV performs well in terms of brightness. Moreover, its brightness is outstanding even when compared with all the miniLED displays analyzed by PISÉO to date.”

Among other parameters, color reproduction is challenging for miniLED when competing with OLED technology. PISÉO, a Yole Group partner company, has analyzed the color conversion layer of the Skyworth Q72 Smart MiniLED TV’s backlight unit and the resulting performance. The results are quite remarkable, with color gamut coverage reaching ~85% of the rec2020 standard gamut.

Marc Leconte, Innovation Leader, Optical System Architect, at PISÉO
“While the backlight unit of the Skyworth Q72 Smart MiniLED TV differentiates itself from other miniLED backlight units through significantly better performance and architectural choices, at display level the end-user doesn’t always benefit from these identified advantages.”

The Skyworth Q72 Smart MiniLED TV 2023 report also deals with other findings by PISÉO regarding the construction of the color conversion layer, the viewing angles, the color shift, and the backlight unit’s brightness uniformity.

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Some findings point to remarkable design approaches and performance, while others highlight limitations and room for improvement.

To understand the technology behind the backlight system of the Skyworth Q72 Smart MiniLED TV, PISÉO conducted an optical analysis of the unit. This architectural analysis covered various aspects, including the chip-on-glass technology, optical distances, and the seven optical films between the miniLED array and the LCD panel. The report provides detailed descriptions of all these aspects.

In addition to the evaluation of the performance of this backlight unit, PISÉO conducted several assessments that involved characterizing the emission spectrum produced by the miniLED, as well as examining the intermediate spectrum created as light traversed the multiple optical layers, ultimately resulting in the light spectrum emitted from the entire optical stack. Additionally, PISÉO measured color accuracy, brightness levels, uniformity, and the light distribution.

The analysis of the backlight unit’s architecture revealed notable differences compared to other miniLED displays previously scrutinized by PISÉO and DXOMARK. Specifically, the Skyworth Q72 Smart MiniLED TV’s backlight system exhibits more zones, fewer LEDs within each zone, and smaller zone dimensions.

Yole Group and PISÉO teams invite you to follow the technologies, related devices, applications, and markets on In addition, make sure to attend the dedicated webcast on September 27. Full program & registration : HERE.

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  • DBR : Distributed Bragg Reflector
  • BLU : Backlight Unit
  • LCD : Liquid Crystal Display
  • OLED : Organic Light-Emitting Diode
  • RGB : Red, Green, Blue

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