Quantum computing: A quantum of solace for the players?

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The technology’s diversity will contribute to a US$4 billion market by 2035.


  • Market figures: the overall quantum market will be worth US$2.1 billion in 2030. The quantum computing segment will reach more than US$4 billion by 2035.
  • Step by step, an industrial quantum supply chain is developing as many companies are positioning themselves.
  • Many technological options (superconductors, photons, trapped ions, cold atoms …) for quantum technologies, but the final choices are not yet fixed.

Quantum technologies have three primary applications: computing, communication, and sensing. Computing still attracts most of the R&D effort and investor money. However, pushed by quantum computing developments, the other two are also starting to attract more attention: quantum networking will be necessary to interconnect quantum computers, and new applications will require ultra-sensitive sensors based on quantum effects.

Eric Mounier, Ph.D., Director of Market Research at Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group
“As quantum computers become readily available, they will be able to break the current integrity keys used for data exchange. This creates a direct connection to quantum cryptography, and post-quantum approaches are being developed to prevent future hacking by quantum computers (communication, bitcoins, cryptocurrency, etc., could also be compromised by quantum computers).”

In this context, Yole Intelligence releases its brand-new emerging technology report, Quantum Technologies 2023. With this report, the company, part of Yole Group, gives an overview of the quantum technologies for computing (hardware and software), networking, and sensing applications.

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june 2021

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Eric Mounier
“The quantum ecosystem is maturing step-by-step and strengthening through research project collaborations, patent portfolio (China is currently dominant), creation of numerous startups (USA, Canada, and Europe are leading), and big semiconductor vendor/equipment makers entering the game, As a consequence, an industrial quantum supply chain is developing. Many companies are positioning themselves, from materials and equipment providers to chip foundries, systems, services, and associated hardware.”

The involvement of semiconductor players, including GlobalFoundries, TSMC, X-FAB, Intel, photonics with Ligentec, and equipment makers (for example, Keysight, Formfactor, Oxford Instruments, AMAT) is setting up a robust technological base for future quantum technologies: spin QD is, of course, also of interest, as it leverages Si CMOS technology.
But partnerships are still critical since only relatively few companies can pursue different R&D approaches simultaneously. Infineon Technologies is quite the exception, with R&D on three different technological qubit techniques: superconducting, trapped ions, and spin.
The trend today is to have a “full stack approach” from the quantum chips up to the computer and software/service level. However, as this approach requires significant R&D resources, people, budget, and effort, not all players can do it.

Yole Intelligence’s Emerging Technologies team invites you to follow the technologies, related devices, applications, and markets on

In this regard, do not hesitate to have a look on Eric’s presentation, How Photonics will Contribute to Quantum Technologies and Applications during Photonics west 2023.

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  • QaaS : Quantum as a Service
  • QD : Quantum Dot
  • Si : Silicon

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