Quantum technologies: a jump to a commercial state

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Quantum technologies are at the crossroads of numerous applications and fields,” says Eric Mounier, PhD. Fellow Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). They span system engineering, materials research, cryogenic technology, software, semiconductors and photonics. They are still early stage technologies, but with huge potential, explains the market research & strategy consulting company in its new Quantum Technologies report. And Eric adds: “In the past, we saw the first quantum revolution when the priorities were to understand and predict. Today we are entering the second quantum revolution, when engineering is needed to develop future quantum systems based on photons, electrons, atoms or molecules.”

Quantum technologies and specifically quantum computing are rising, bringing many questions: which qubit technologies will be favored? Developments are ongoing, but could new qubit technologies be found for quantum computer applications? Is business module yet defined? What will be the strategy of the GAFAM?…

For more than 20 years, Yole has developed its semiconductor activities by enlarging step by step its expertise towards technical innovations and disruptions. Under its development, the company has grown with a dedicated activity focused on a wide range of emerging technologies including quantum computing, quantum sensing, metamaterials, wet-ware, neuromorphic and more. As part of its products and services, Yole’s team proposes today a collection of reports covering such technologies. A detailed description of these reports is available on, reports section.

“Innovation is at the heart of our activities,” asserts Guillaume Girardin, Director, Photonic & Sensing. “Under a dynamic ecosystem, anticipate disruption is clearly a challenge for industrials. Our aim through our activities including technology & market reports, monitors, consulting services, online & onsite events… is to support our customers to help them follow emerging technologies, identify and analyze time-to-market and upcoming technological inflexion points.”More info.

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Quantum Technologies: Understand the Industrial Perspective – Free webcast
Quantum leaps to a commercialization state.
March 19th, 2020 at 5PM CET – 8AM PST

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