RF protocols for IoT: value is in data transmission, processing, and data usage

The challenge for RF electronics manufacturers to secure value in the IoT industry stays relevant today, announces the market research and strategy consulting company Yole Développement (Yole). IoT is often described as a wireless network of electronics-based components. RF, part of an IoT device is thus extremely important as it is linked to critical characteristics of the product, such as power consumption, data throughput or security….

Yole’s Power & Wireless team proposes today a comprehensive technology & market analysis dedicated to RF protocols for IoT and their impacts. Titled Internet of Things RF Protocols and their Impacts on the Electronics Industry, this analysis proposes a detailed description of the ecosystem with dynamics, barriers, enablers and product acceptance. This new report reveals the value repartition across the whole industrial chain and points out a comprehensive analysis of radio protocols. Technologies are also well investigated in this report, combined with a detailed technology competitive analysis.

Yole’s analyst offer you today a relevant snapshot of the RF protocols for IoT applications, within the electronics industry… More info.


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