Unlocking Ultra-Wideband: Yole Group analyzes NXP’s, Qorvo’s, and Apple’s technical choices

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Technical data, manufacturing cost, and selling price comparison of the Ultra-Wideband solutions from NXP, Apple, and Qorvo.


  • Between NXP, Apple, and Qorvo, technical choices and packaging types vary significantly: WLCSP, FCPGA Package, and SiP.
  • One module consists of a single die, while another includes two different ICs and two duplexers.
  • The technology nodes also vary considerably, ranging from 7nm to 90nm. CMOS and FinFET transistors were observed.
  • The three UWB solutions differ significantly in both packaging type and technology node, leading to a significant module cost difference between the solutions, with a factor 4 observed from the NXP module to the higher end Apple module.

Yole Group today provides a comprehensive review of UWB technologies, highlighting and comparing the solutions implemented in smartphones by leading companies, Apple (with their internal U2 module), Samsung (with SR200 solution from NXP), and Google (with DW35725 solution from Qorvo).

In the past, Yole Group conducted extensive analyses on numerous FEMs and components to provide insights into the RF market within specific flagship smartphones. Each Yole Group report focuses on a specific topic, whether it’s the evolution of a particular player, a specific technology, or a comparison of flagship devices. This year, Yole Group pursues its investigation in this domain, offering various technical and cost comparisons of smartphone RFFEMs.

Today’s report, Ultra-Wideband Comparison 2024, delves into the technology and cost aspects related to UWB connectivity in consumer applications. It offers an overview of UWB technologies, comparing solutions for smartphones used by major companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Google.

Ihor Pershukov, Ph.D., Technology & Cost Analyst, Radio Frequency at Yole Group
“With this new comparison report, we emphasize key distinctions and design choices. We have analyzed in-depth the NXP SR200 from Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, U2 (TMQE08) from iPhone 15 Pro Max, and Qorvo DW35725 from Google Pixel 8 Pro”.

By dissecting smartphones, Yole Group has determined the UWB solutions and subjected them to physical analyses. This involved examining packaging, sizes, and technologies from a wide range of technical and economic options, offering a comprehensive view of the market. The report includes a detailed comparison of the technical specifications and costs associated with the modules used. This comprehensive reverse costing analysis offers insights and compares technological data, manufacturing expenses, and retail prices of Ultra-Wideband solutions from NXP, Apple, and Qorvo. These components are utilized in a range of smartphones and wearable devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, and Google Pixel 8 Pro, among others.

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june 2021

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  • WLCSP : Wafer Level Chip Scale Package
  • FCPGA : Flip Chip Ball Grid Array
  • SiP : System-in-Package
  • IC : Integrated Circuit
  • FEM : Front-End Module
  • RF : Radio Frequency

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