X-ray for medical, veterinary, industrial & security applications: new technologies reach the commercialization phase

“The X-ray detector market reached US$2 billion in 2018 driven by the medical segment,” announces Marjorie Villien, PhD. Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). “The medical sector accounts for 75% of the global X-ray market, but the industrial and security market are step by step gaining share.”

With its new report, X-Ray Detectors for Medical, Industrial and Security Applications, the Life Sciences & Healthcare team from Yole, proposes a comprehensive overview of the X-ray technologies and related applications…

Today X-ray technology is gaining traction in the fields of industrial NDT and security.

The X-ray market was worth US$19 billion in 2018 at the system level. The medical market is by far the biggest, with US$16 billion revenues in 2018. The medical and dental segments are trusted by a few major players including Siemens, Philips, GE, and Canon. But smaller players with specific offers are gaining market share in areas like mammography, dental, and surgery

In parallel, the security X-ray market is consolidated, with a few key players holding aound 60% of overall market share in 2018. These players include OSI Systems, Smiths Detection, L3 Security & Detection Systems, and Analogic Corporation, along with Safeway System and Nuctech in China.

At the end, the industrial segment is split into many applications with very different needs and specifications. This explains the high number of small companies in this segment, compared to the medical segment where the main products are in the hands of 4 – 5 core players… More info.

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