Market Monitor

Advanced Packaging Market Monitor

By Yole Intelligence

After a weak first half, advanced packaging revenues are expected to stay flat in 2023 with an expected increase of 23.8% in the third quarter.


Key Features

  • Direct access to the analyst providing opportunity for Q&A
  • Packaging industry dynamics highlights and analyst viewpoint
  • Quarterly data update on key advanced package types: FCCSP, FCBGA, WLCSP/Fan-In, Fan-Out packages, 3D-stacked packages, and SiP
  • Market forecast through 2028, in $US, units and wafers
  • Average Selling Price (ASP) analysis
  • End-product/device application mix
  • Supplier market shares for TSMC, Intel Samsung Electronics, Amkor, JCET, ASE w/SPIL, PTI, Nepes, SPIL, Huatian, TFME, SK Hynix and Sony
  • Advanced Packaging Capex​

What's new

  • 2023 Capex forecast update
  • End-system volumes have been updated for all modules
  • New investments and technology announcements

Product objectives

To study: 

  • The Fan-Out, WLCSP/Fan-In, 3D Stacked, FCBGA, FCCSP and SiP markets.
  • Near-term market dynamics on a quarterly basis.
  • Capex per major player.
  • Market shares of leading OSATs, foundries and IDMs.
  • Package ASP per given market and platform.​

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