Market and Technology Trends

CMOS Image Sensor Market Monitor

By Yole Intelligence

Q2 remained flat compared to Q1, awaiting end-of-the-year structural growth with cautious optimism

Key features

  • CIS market overview at the quarterly level: analysis of the last four and next four quarters
  • Long-term discussion: perspective over the last five and the next five years
  • Revenue in $US, volume, and wafers by technology type including FSI, BSI, TSV stack, and hybrid stack
  • CIS player analysis: Sony, Samsung, Omnivision, STMicroelectroncs, onsemi, SK hynix, Galaxycore, and Smartsens
  • CIS market analysis: mobile, consumer, computing, automotive, medical, security, industrial, defense & aerospace
  • Foundry analysis: Sony, Samsung, TSMC, HLMC, SMIC, TPSCo, STMicroelectronics, SK hynix, DB Hitek

What’s new

  • Demand/supply analysis
  • Seasonality analysis


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