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Microcontroller (MCU) Market Monitor

By Yole Intelligence

The spike in electronics purchases during the pandemic and global inflation is causing a dip in the MCU market for 2022, creating overages at OEMs

Product objectives

The purpose of this monitor is to provide a thorough representation of the microcontroller market to companies, institutions, and individuals that need detailed, actionable market data for critical business decisions. Monitors, including this one, focus on overall market characteristics rather than specific technical details.

An extensive Excel database, including class, market, and region-organized tables and pivot tables, accompanies this presentation.

The report presents current megatrends and their effects on the MCU Market. It provides context and an analysis of the trends that drive the overall class and individual markets. This includes design and ecosystem trends.

The monitor provides context to the competitive landscape, including the overall market, individual classes, and market leaders. It provides an exhaustive list of MCU suppliers and profiles the leading ones.

Moving up the value chain, this monitor also provides a perspective on the size and market for MCU manufacturing with market sizing and trends in wafer manufacturing.

The three pillars of this monitor’s objectives are:

  • This Presentation
  • The accompanying Excel database
  • Analyst Time for further discussion

What's new

  • Improved quarterly forecast updated to 2021, 2022, 2023
  • 2021 market shares revised
  • New Automotive in-depth insights
  • Revised markets for Wireless MCUs, RISC-V growth, Smartcard, and Embedded MCU forecasts

Excel Database:

  •  Manufacturing
  • IDM & foundry Capex
  • Geometry
  • Wafers
  • Class: High-reliability, multimarket, secure MCU, 4/8/16-bit, & 32-bit
  • 10 Vertical market segments & 40 applications
  • Design
  • Memory, voltage, frequency,function
  • Ecosystem, HP vs. ULP, multicore, core IP
  • Competitive landscape
  • Overall, class, market rankings
  • Designer list
  • Designer profiles
  • Pivot table & data
  • 3-year quarterly performance / five year annual forecasts


  •  150+ pages, context, graphs, & trends

Available on our Yole Group All-Inclusive Computing Package

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