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Semiconductor Test Consumables - Burn-in and Test Sockets Market Monitor

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Burn-in and test sockets market set for growth in 2024 after 17% decline


The Semiconductor Test Consumables - Burn-in and Test Sockets Market Monitor is a sub-part of the test equipment consumables market monitor  that provides a deep quarterly view on the market that deals with the burn-in and test socket market.

The reason semiconductors are so reliable is due to the rigorous testing they have to go through before entering the electronics supply chain. The cost of failure of a chip in the field can be expensive or, in some cases, catastrophic, so testing the chip to ensure it is fully functional and will not fail during its lifetime is critical.

The first test of a packaged chip is to test for functionality. The chips’ functionality is tested during this process, often at high speed, using special test sockets. Test sockets are made to very high specifications to ensure excellent connectivity, reliability, and repeatability, as faulty sockets may lead to false results.

Many packaged chips that pass the functionality test move on to the burn-in test: in this test the objective is to weed out chips that are likely to fail within the first few months of use. Chips are run at their maximum rated operational conditions while in a high and or low-temperature environment for hours or even days. This stresses the chips and is effectively the best way to kill those that would have failed early. Because of the relatively long test times, these sockets are typically much cheaper than test sockets.

Finally, packaged chips need to be tested as part of a system for some critical applications. Historically, chipmakers tested a small number of systems in the lab to check a system's performance as a whole. However, some chip makers are now carrying out system level test (SLT) on 100% of chips for some applications. The sockets used for SLT are similar to those used for package test. 

Technical challenges related to the number of pins, pitch, pin density, thermal management, etc., continue to push suppliers to innovate and develop novel, practical, cost-effective solutions.

Burn-in and test sockets are critical to the testing process. The quality of the electrical connections they provide determines the overall effectiveness of the test solution.


Product Objectives:

  • Provide quarterly accurate data from players on the semiconductor burn-in and test socket market.
  • Provide market metrics and forecasts of volume, market value and market share of players.
  • Oversee the most relevant players across the burn-in and test sockets supply chain.
  • Make the right choices to overcome competitors in the burn-in and test sockets market
  • Assess demand/supply balance of burn-in and test sockets market
  • Monitoring of supply chain changes and market share evolution
  • Allow an accurate monitoring of the competition
  • Quarterly close-up monitoring market, competition and demand/supply balance to adapt your strategy and market positioning

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